IMG_5680I recently visited Stratford-on-Avon and thought it a splendid place for bears and their humans as it is very interesting.  I was a bit worried about some of the buildings that seemed wibbly wobbly looking, but Karen said they wouldn’t fall down as they have been there looking a bit crooked for over 300 years. IMG_5678So, once I had determined that the buildings were OK I climbed up onto the windowsill of one for a photograph.  I got patted on the head by a lady walking by; something that happens to me quite frequently.  I don’t think people realise it squashes my head.IMG_5684We walked to the park where we found people acting on a stage performing a play.  It turned out to be one of Mr Shakespeare’s plays called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and Karen seemed quite impressed that people didn’t have to pay to watch it.  I watched for a little while, but the actors were talking in a way that bears don’t understand well (perhaps Stratford bears might be able to understand it, but I am from Alresford, a long way from Stratford).IMG_5689We walked along the edge of the canal for a while – here is my Stratford Selfie…IMG_5710I find lock gates quite fascinating so decided to take a closer look at one, though Karen kept reminding me of the consquences should I fall in.  She seemed to think I would sink and never be seen again, so I was very cautious.IMG_5696Outings usually involve food of some sort,  so after exploring we ended up outside a 40’s themed tea room wondering whether to go in for lunch.  IMG_5699We weren’t outside for long as my humans though it looked like a good place.  Karen likes sitting outside, even if rain is imminent (which it was) so she asked to be seated in the garden.  I was very surprised to find a little grass topped steel shelter out there with sandbags all around it.  Apparently it was an old air raid shelter; during the 2nd World War, long before I was made in the 1940’s people used to sit in them when bombs were being dropped which must have been very scary.11940720_885408308219902_2564411762095192271_nRaindrops started to fall so the ideal place to sit was in the air raid shelter, where a waitress wearing old fashioned clothes brought us sandwiches to eat.11870904_885408324886567_8016830848108775895_nAfter lunch it was time to go as we were on our way to Royal Leamington Spa.  It was a shame to leave the air raid shelter as I rather liked being there.IMG_5702I’d like to go back to Stratford-on-Avon again on a sunny day.

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