About Me

I was made in Alresford, Hampshire England sometime during the 1970’s by Alresford Crafts, a company that ceased trading sometime during the 1990’s. I can’t remember much of my earlier life, but in 2011 found myself sat on the shelf in a Bristol charity shop for sale in the ‘vintage’ section.


Karen wrote about buying me in her blog: https://karenborek.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/the-charity-shop-bear/

I was very fortunate to be bought by Karen as now I have a life full of adventures. One such adventure was visiting Alresford and finding the place where I was made. See more about it here: https://horacethealresfordbear.com/2015/06/28/going-back-to-my-roots/

Karen has written a book about me which can be borrowed at Alresford Library, Hampshire or Bristol Central Library and a Counting Book that features me plus ten of my Alresford relations, and of course dear old Growler. Unfortunately the books are now out of print.

Thanks for reading about me!

Horace the Alresford Bear

IMG_4328 - Copy

The Town Mill, Alresford, Hampshire

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I worked for a pile fabric manufacturing company in the seventies and eighties who supplied fur fabric to Alresford Crafts. When I had my first son in 1979 Alresford Crafts sent him his first soft toy.

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  2. I have an alresford bear (label lost some years ago) bought in Hamleys in the early 1970s in anticipation of my first baby. He is known as Boozy and he has had lots of adventures including a love affair with a bear called Florence!! Thank you Horace and Karen


  3. A loved your blog for a very good reason. A couple of years ago I was visiting a very good friend who lives in another city in Canada. We were having a bit of show and tell, discussing hobbies and interests. After I showed her pics of the German mohair bears I had made for my grandchildren, she presented me with a very dirty, rather large bear that was in dire need of substantial repair. It was rather disgusting. Apparently a fellow at work said that since she was so ‘capable’ she should take it and repair it. Maybe she could give it to a child. It sat there neglected for a few years. You see it had the throat torn open a good 4+ inches and the stuffing was sticking out. Well I couldn’t do anything with it until I sewed him up so sew him up I did, then I threw him in the washer and dryer. (Yes, I really did). Then I brushed him. I was about to replace his eyes (badly scratched) when I decided to check out the label more closely. What nice surprise! His name is Horace! I would love to know his story. I found him in North Bay, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 and now he lives with me in Windsor, Ontario. He is a dear fellow.


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