Some photos of some close relative bears made by Alresford Crafts

This is Albert.
He was a Christmas present for his human in 1973. They have been together ever since, including going to university, where I studied Classics.

This is Fred; he lives with us after we bought him on eBay raising funds for Dorset Hospice.

This is Teddybobs the Bobster.

Here is 31 year old Edmund. He was recently retrieved from a loft in Wiltshire.

This is Violet who was rescued via eBay and now lives with Pippin, Humphrey and Clarence. Violet is a small bear like Nye.


This is Clarence. He recently arrived in the UK from the USA and now lives in Gloucestershire with Pippin and Humprey bears, Gill and Ian .

Here’s Hugo. His human, Gill has bought him as a brand new bear in the very early 1980s.


Bear lives in Weymouth. He was bought in a shop in Romsey in 1980. His friend looks nearly as old as Growler.


Humphrey was put for sale on eBay and re-homed by Gill & Ian. He now lives in Gloucestershire. Humphrey is now best of friends with Pippin, another Alresford Bear.


Here is Wilfred. Wilfred was bought in Hamleys Toy shop in Birmingham in 1974. In 1992 he was put in a suitcase where he remained for 25 years before being sold on eBay as his human didn’t really have room for him. Karen bought him and he now lives with us.

WilfredThis bear is much older than me, he has the first type of label used when Alresford Crafts first started manufacturing bears. He was sold on eBay in March 2017. His new human has called him Hugo.This is Godfrey who was re-homed after being sold on eBay in March 2017. He has visited Alresford since finding a new human and is very happy.Here is Fagin. Fagin was bought in 1978 in a toy shop in Muswell Hill, North London which at that time was called Fagin’s.17161033_10154377068882338_579358695_nHere is Ted, recently adopted by Fagin’s humans17820752_10154480962812338_2026990696_nThis is Pooh, who is waiting for nose surgery. He lives in Cambridge and was made in the 70’s.15937299_1341562879229408_1561013705337599296_oHere are a whole family of honey bears who live in Bristol.thumbnail_honey-bears-with-names-001Here is Pooh, who is 37 years old.15541418_10154173300432066_3623110351156228831_nHere are Horatio, George and Hardy who all live in Brighton with Suzy.RBIy4ayHHere is Stanley who was abandoned in a charity shop and rescued by Sarah with Ron and also Clifford, who was sold to Sarah at a car boot sale. They live in Hay on Wye in England.001This is Sir Percival who was recently adopted by a new human after being sold on ebay. At some point in his life Sir Percival lost an eye, but his new human performed eye surgery and he now has his full vision restored. He is very happy his new home. He lives in Australia.13914058_10208788010971455_2248787157023683974_oHere is Pooh – he is 40 and although well traveled has lived in Alresford all his life:12994478_10153587248666794_8658862499684028981_nThis is Bert – he is one of the original Alresford Bears and is probably about 43 years old!DSC_1586Here is Henry, who used to live in USA but recently moved to West Sussex in the UKHenrywestsussexHere is Pooh – he lives in Japan.poohjapanHere is Perry – he has lived with his human in the UK for 31 years.perryBelow is Chauncy Bear, who was found in Australia in 1980 but now lives in the USA.ChauncyThese three bears all live in Japan with Rupert.Nana's bears - Japan…and Alresford honey bears like to keep babies company (Japan)Nana bear with babyHere is Spud. He lives in Chester with his owner who he has lived with for 34 years.
Spud has lived in a few places in England including Sheffield where he studied maths at Sheffield University.Spud…and finally here is little Nye, who lives with me. He was exported to the USA but Karen bought him on eBay and brought him back home to the UK.



10 thoughts on “‘Siblings’

  1. Hello!
    I bought the eBay bear in your fourth photo, the bear sitting outside on the chair. His name is Godfrey. Since he came to live with us, he’s visited Alresford, because I was growing up there when he was born in the 1970s.

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  2. Thanks for making this site! My mother bought me an Alresford Bear in either 1979 or 1980 when I was 1-2 years old. For decades we couldn’t figure out what he was (I removed the label many years ago when I was a toddler). He looks like “Bear.” but his coloring and texture are more like the bear purchased on eBay in 2017 due to years of wear and tear (I slept with him every night as a child). I gave him to my 4-year old son, who also sleeps with him every night.

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  3. Hi there I live in Australia and have had an Alresford Bear all my life, If I post some photos could you confirm what sort he is?


  4. I just stumbled across your site. I have an Alresford Panda purchased by my wife in 1975 from Heals in Tottenham Court Road. He (?) has a dark yellow label with black print. Handwritten inside the label is the number 27. I have not found any pictures of Alresford pandas on line. Maybe a short lived production?


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