My 200 Facebook ‘likes’ party

Yesterday I had a simply wonderful time.  Karen held a garden party just for me because so many people have ‘liked’ my Facebook page.

I made a special cake for the party.11703342_874691995958200_8005282889996539102_n

Which turned out rather well…


My humans even put up an enormous tent to keep the sun or rain off and borrowed tables and chairs from the neighbours.


Lots of bears arrived,some I had never met before, but I always like to make new friends.  One really enormous bear turned up, Kimmy Bear….


I got to spend a bit of time with my special friend from Wales, Daisy

IMG_5486 (2)

Growler enjoyed making friends with Rosie.

IMG_5480 (2)All in all, it was a fabulous afternoon.  I made lots of new friends/


I have been told I can have another party when I get 500 Facebook likes – so do help me out if you can :-).

Horace (August 2015)

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