The Morris Traveller

Today The Retro Garage (  let us borrow one of their cars.  We had the use of a lovely vintage Morris Traveller so I decided to take Nye out for a drive in the country.  Before we set off though, I had to have a look under the bonnet and check the oil….IMG_7533All was fine so I climbed into the splendid red driving seat.  Due to my short stature I had to be raised up a little to reach the steering wheel….IMG_7525 (2)I started up the engine and off we went…IMG_7522I’m not used to driving and find using the foot pedals rather challenging so we didn’t go very far!  The car has a very useful area in the back for bears to sit in, so we sat there for a little while…IMG_7520Nye wanted to sit outside, so we moved everything out onto the grass!IMG_7530Humans can hire this car for weddings and other occasions and would probably be able to drive it much further than me as their legs reach the pedals.  Nye and myself thought it was a splendid car 🙂

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