The Courts Garden (National Trust)

My regular followers are aware that I am a keen gardener and always enjoy have a look round other people’s gardens.  It was raining when I went to visit The Courts Garden but as I had planned in advance and borrowed Paddington’s wellies that was not a problem.  IMG_8445There are a few quite big ponds at The Courts Garden, this one had some very interesting snails living in it so I spent a while watching them.IMG_8452

As I toddled on further around the garden I came across a busy gardener, so I stopped and helped her for a while.IMG_8446After finishing the pruning I continued my wandering and came across some splendid giant rhubarb (gunnera manicata).  Humans think it is big, but it is absolutely enormous to someone as small as me.IMG_8455I paused for a photo at these gates, I wanted to sit on the seat for a while but the rain had made it all wet and I really did not want a soggy bottom.IMG_8459Finally I found a little house where it was dry inside, though the humans with me said there wasn’t time to stop, and I must admit I was starting to feel hungry.IMG_8456The bees were busy making honey, which I do like to eat, but it is wise not to disturb bees.  The sign I am leaning on says ‘Let the bees be’ which is good advice.IMG_8467There were apples in the orchard making me feel even hungrier! IMG_8460A big  black cat came to say hello.  He seemed friendly but was a bit cautious of me.  I don’t think he was used to bears wandering in the orchard.IMG_8465On the way to the tea room I noticed the weird topiary trees that seemed to be on their way somewhere…IMG_8470

Finally lunch, delicious pea soup in The Rose Garden Tearoom  Yum Yum yum.


Horace the Alresford Bear 23.08.16

For more information about The Court Garden see

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