My humans never drive straight to a holiday destination.  They always make use of the journey to see somewhere interesting on the way.  I was jolly pleased that we stopped at Clovelly. We set off down the old cobbled street.  Quite soon we came across some donkeys.img_8807I sat up on Eli, who was busy nibbling hay.img_8730-copyWe continued on down the street.  I wondered if I could ride down on a sledge like the one outside the pub!img_8733-copyAfter not very long we arrived at a little museum in one of the old cottages.  I read all the interesting facts about Clovelly.img_8743The fisherman’s sitting room contained many interesting things.  img_8738-copyThere was still quite a long way for my little legs to walk down to the harbour.img_8753-copyI stopped and had a rest next to some sledges.  Sledges are used in Clovelly for pulling goods up and down the cobbles.img_8747-copyThe harbour below looked delightful, though as everything looked quite small I knew we still had quite a long way to walk.img_8749-copyMy legs weren’t really made for walking; I was actually designed to sit, so sometimes I look a bit odd when I am walking…img_8754When we finally got down to the harbour I had a little rest in Rosie.img_8756-copyThen being a bear with a taste for adventure, I decided to climb one of the ladders hanging from the harbour wall.img_8759-copyimg_8763At the top I noticed a sign about fishing, it didn’t really matter though as I’d forgotten my fishing net.img_8765-copyThere was a splendid view of the North Devon coastline from the end of the harbour wall.img_8766Here is a selfie of me with the lifeboat station behind me to the left.img_8767I was feeling the need for some cake after so much exercise, so we set off back up the cobbled street.img_8777I was very pleased that we didn’t have to go too far before finding The Cottage Tearooms.img_8789I sat outside on the terrace and enjoyed a piece of blackberry and apple crumble sponge.img_8778-copyThere were lots of butterflies drinking nectar from the nearby flowers.img_8783Soon it was time to continue up the steep hill.img_8800While I was resting a dog stopped to ask if I was OK.  I told him I thought the humans might carry me the rest of the way.img_8793I said ‘hello’ to a cat. Unlike the dog, who was just visiting, the cat lived in Clovellyimg_8806After getting right to the top we went to see some more donkeys in their stable.  The donkeys sometimes pull the sledges up the hill and give people rides.img_8808I had a little sit on this one for a little while and watched the ears moving around.  Donkeys have big ears.img_8809

I am a lucky bear that my humans take me to such lovely places.

To find out more about the donkeys visit

To find out more about Clovelly see

Horace the Alresford Bear 10/9/16


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