St Michael’s Mount

I was hoping the tide would be in which would have meant a little boat trip to get to the tiny island St Michael’s Mount which is next to Marazion in Cornwall. IMG_9818The tide was out though so I climbed into the bear carrier for the trip as the surface looked a bit wet and I didn’t have any wellington boots with me.IMG_9822When the tide is in people and bears can cross using this strange boat with wheels which is called an amphicraft.IMG_9843The St Aubyn Family have lived on St Michael’s Mount since the 17th Century, though  in 1954, the 3rd Baron St Levan gave most of St Michael’s Mount to the National Trust though they kept a 999 year lease (which is a very long time) to live in the castle and manage public viewing of the historic rooms (source Wikipedia). National Trust members and their bears can visit for free as long as they show their membership cards….IMG_9846As we climbed up to the castle I stopped to have a little rest then Karen pointed out to me that I was right next to The Giant’s Well.  I didn’t stay there long.IMG_9850I climbed up into a little window in a wall that I thought might make a good place to hide from giants.IMG_9854Further on I came across some battlements with a row of cannons.  After clambering up onto one I could see a lovely view of the sea.  IMG_9856Just in front of the castle I paused to take a ‘selfie’.IMG_9859It was a long tiring trek to the front door.  IMG_9862I was rather hesistant entering as just inside the door there was a bear much bigger than me with very big teeth.  IMG_9863The views from inside are amazing.  I was jolly pleased that my human had put her coat in the bear carrier which turned it into a pillow to stand on.IMG_9865In one of the rooms I spotted a rather grumpy looking dog.IMG_9867On the roof terrace there was a very old thermometer which was a tad confusing to read  as it was in Farenheit instead of Centigrade.  In between freezing and temperate seemed about right though!IMG_9869I peered over to have a look at the sea which seemed to make the humans a bit nervous.IMG_9870The gardens looked splendid.IMG_9880Back inside I noticed that the Queen had visited recently. IMG_9882Being a bear I am sometimes able to go places where humans cannot.  I had a peak up this very old staircase, but at the top there was a piece of glass and I couldn’t go any further.IMG_9885They are well prepared for any fires that might break out.  These buckets were full of sand.IMG_9886On returning to the outside we came across more battlements and smaller cannons.  In the past these would have been used to defend the island.IMG_9890All the climbing and walking around made me very hungry.  I was very pleased to find a cafe.  The Sail Loft make very yummy celeriac soup.IMG_9894

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to St Michael’s Mount.  There is another one called Mont St Michel in France that I hope to visit one day.

Horace the Alresford Bear 3/4/17

PS:  I have now visited Le Mont St Michel

For more information about St. Michael’s Mount see:


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