The Roman Baths in Bath

I don’t have baths very often as I get rather too soggy if I am in water for any length of time.  I very much wanted to see The Roman Baths though as they are very old; people have bathed in the hot spring water that comes out of the ground for over 1600 years.roman9  The water is a bit green looking and not very inviting for swimming.roman5I could hear music playing so peered over the wall.  A busker was busy singing away but nobody seemed to be listening to him.  I thought he sounded quite good.roman16I sat and watched for a while.  There were lots of tourists walking around and taking photos.  roman4While following the arrows that guide visitors around I spotted another pool through the window.roman3Here is a model showing what the baths would have looked like in the 4th Century. roman17In the museum there are some very old pieces of stone from the temple that used to be on the site in the 4th Century.roman19Here I am next to a ‘theatrical mask’ sculpture made of Bath stone.  The sign said it was probably from a large tomb and that the person buried in it may have been connected to the theatre in some way.roamns21I thought for a moment that there were real romans still wandering around then realised that it was films being projected onto the walls.romanThis cabinet is full of lots of things made of pewter. They were thrown into the spring in the 4th Century as offerings to the Goddess Sulis Minerva.roman8This is a roman drain.  I didn’t look too closely as really did not want to fall in.roman1While I sat watching the hot water running into the pool I overheard some comments about me.  Such as “Look how sweet”.  I seem to have that effect on some people.roman7It was possible to see the reflection of the people up on the higher level in the water.  No one swims in the water these days as it contains many minerals and isn’t considered safe.  Humans can bathe at Bath Thermae Spa which is nearby (indeed I did go there later, but had to stay in the locker).roman6I had a brief conversation with a Roman craftsman (though I think he might have been an actor).roman2Sometimes I feel very small…roman11This is The Hot Sacred Spring that Romans used to throw offerings such as the pewter ornaments that are on display in the museum. roman13I was able to walk over the ruins of the really old baths using a glass bridge, but I didn’t quite trust it so shuffled along very slowly.roman15Before leaving I returned to the pool side for a selfie.  I wonder how many of my Alresford relations have been to The Roman Baths!roman12

To find out more about The Roman Baths see:

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