Cruising under Bristol Suspension Bridge on the River Avon

I waited at the front of the queue as was very excited to be going on a criuse under the Bristol Suspension Bridge.

Our boat was The Bagheera which has a glass roof; very useful for rainy days.

Once out of the lock gates we headed up the Avon. I was jolly pleased to be allowed to take the helm of The Bagheera.

Here is a selfie of me as we approached the bridge.

A human lifted me upon to the roof. My human was worried that I might fall into the river so I wasn’t up thee long!

Several boats passed us as we headed towards Avonmouth.

Gromit certainly gets around!

We travelled as far as Portbury where the view became more industrial then turned around to go back to Bristol Harbour.

I enjoyed some refreshments during the journey.

Nearly back to Bristol Harbour I spotted the Clifton Rocks Railway which is now a ruin but 100 years ago used to take people from Hotwells up to Durham Downs and back.

I bravely went out onto the ledge while we were in the lock coming back into the harbour. The water level went up and the boat got higher and higher.

Once back in the harbour we travelled past SS Great Britain.

A very pleasant afternoon.

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