Warsaw University Library Roof Garden

Recently I spent a few days in Warsaw, Poland. The apartment overlooked a very interesting green building covered in ivy. The University of Warsaw Library.

When I found out that there is a garden on top of the roof I had to investigate further. I didn’t understand much of the sign but humans were walking into the lower levels of the gardens so I followed.


There were a few steps up to the lower garden so it took a while for me with my short legs.


It was all very green and peaceful despite being in the middle of a big city.


I had a little rest next to the stream.


There are interesting structures waiting for plants to grow all over them.


A great view at the top of the steps leading to the upper garden.


I peered into the big round window and could see some statues plus lots of books and people reading at tables.


The dome behind me lets light into the building.


This circle of glass windows has a round courtyard at the bottom and lets light into the library.


Excellent view across the river through the giant binoculars.


Weird things on the roof that were probably to do with ventilation or heating.


Another weird thing…


I go stuck here for a while and had to ask a human to lift me down.


The big arch of steps going up over the main structure was closed to bears. I think only staff can use it.


Ice plants grow really well on the roof. It has taken the gardeners a while to find which plants like the rooftop environment. Also Poland is warm in summer but gets very very cold in winter so plants have to be very hardy.


This looks a bit like I mght be on another planet.


Tired legs are catered for with plenty of seating for bears and humans to rest and enjoy the view.


In the next photo I am looking into the distance at the tallest building in Poland; the Palace of Science & Culture.


Another smaller bridge that visitors are allowed to walk over.


Can you spot me on the bridge?


If you ever visit Warsaw this garden is really worth a visit and it is free to go in.


More information here:


Horace the Alresford Bear 17/9/18

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