Kingston Lacy gardens & woodland walk

Today I visited Kingston Lacy for the first time ever.

There was a sign explaining that due to the estate being closed for a few months because of the coronavirus some of the garden areas had become a bit wild and overgrown. No problem for me as I like wild places!

Here I am resting in front of the house.

This sign urges humans to take off their shoes and feel the earth beneath their feet. I do that most of the time and love it.

I was very tempted to climb on these then noticed the sign….

It is wonderful to stumble upon bear sized shelters when exploring.

Another chance for a little rest in the Japanese Garden.

I climbed up onto the fence to view the other half of the Japanese garden.

There is a very beautiful meadow full of oxeye daisies and surrounded by bamboo.

I nearly got lost in the bamboo; it is much taller than the sort we have at home.

Sadly some of the flower beds are empty at the moment but they have been weeded and no doubt will soon be full of bedding plants.

The perennial deliphiniums were looking quite striking.

I’m not sure that this poppy should have been in the rose garden but I thought it looked amazing.

I didn’t expect to fine a sarcophagus at Kingston Lacy. The humans assured me that it wasn’t a real one.

Before going on the woodland walk I ate some lunch. I don’t always have cake!

The Woodland walk has some interesting activities along the route. Stepping stones; much easier for bears and humans with long legs. I have short legs.

I spotted a huge tree that must have fallen during a storm.

Someone had carved special bear sized steps into the side of it.

More splendid fungi….

This was an interesting activity found next to the path. Making faces with twigs and leaves.

I do like walking through woods.

The next activity was to build a little house with bits of wood and bark.

Further into the woods I found yet more fungi.

After completing the woodland walk my legs were quite tired and I felt in need of refreshment. I headed towards the stables cafe where takeaway food and drinks were being served.

I opted for locally made Purbeck icecream. It was delicious.

Kingston Lacy is a really lovely place and I do think children especially would enjoy the woodland walk.

For more information see

Horace the Alresford Bear 17/6/2020

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