Levenshulme Market

In Levenshulme, Manchester a market is held every Saturday.

I said ‘Hello’ to a friendly sausage dog on the ‘Goody Paws’ stall. They were selling some tasty looking dog treats and very stylish dog collars.

I had a little sip of wine from one of the tiny wine beakers on the ‘Vinobuono’ wine stall.

…..then afterwards had a nice chat with the friendly proprietor.

I really like the way clothes pegs and pom poms had been made into little people on the ‘Junk to Funky’ stall.

I bought a little fairy to take home with me 🙂

The ‘Rhubarb Tabard’ was stall selling rather splendid knitted hats.

I think I look very handsome in this one.

My tummy started rumbling so it was food time. I bought a very tasty mushroom burger at the ‘Food Rebels’ stall.

Followed by a cup of mulled cider from ‘Market Tavern’. Yum yum yum….

Before leaving I had another peek at the sock gonks that were sat at the end of the peg people stall….

I had a little chat with some patchwork bears for sale at the ‘Stitch Sisters MCR’ stall.

I enjoyed my visit to the market, it had a good atmosphere and the stall holders were very friendly.

Levenshulme Market is a social enterprise run by the local community. For more information see: https://www.levymarket.com

Horace the Alresford Bear 13/11/2021


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