Barrington Court Christmas Lights Trail

It is good to do something festive on Christmas Eve. The humans were in Somerset so they took us to Barrington Court to see the lights trail there.

After spending a few minutes posing for photographs on the reindeers we continued on up the path.

Once inside the barn there were lots of Christmas trees covered in twinkling lights. It all looked very festive.

We rested for a while in a little tree shelter.

The candles looked very realistic – they were fake candles powered by batteries, much safer than real candles as there is no danger of them causing a fire

We posed for a photo with some candles.

We climbed up into one of the trees for another photo…

All the climbing made our legs tired so we had a little rest before leaving the barn.

The lights trail is open until January 1st 2023, on days when Barrington Court is open. It is only short but lovely for small bears with little legs and we think small humans would like it too.

The last time I was at Barrington Court was during spring 2020. See

Horace the Alresford Bear 24/12/22

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