Christchurch Harbour Hotel winter mini-break

We managed to tag along with the humans on a winter mini-break to Mudeford at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel.

The bed was very comfy with plenty of room for two small bears.

The room was listed as having a partial view of the harbour.   We found that the flat bottomed cushions made excellent seats to sit on and look out!

The bench in the hotel garden was also a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the winter sun on the fur.

There is a wonderful view from the hotel quayside.  The atmosphere was very peaceful as we watched the ducks swimming on the calm water.

The hotel has a spa, but being filled with acrylic fibre we don’t like to get wet as it makes us all heavy and soggy. Saunas make us rather too hot. However, we make excellent models for robes and slippers.

A relative of Henry was having a rest in the corridor. Nuvac has a happy face like me.

We were jolly pleased to find a swing in the hotel grounds, though it was a tad big for us.

Venturing a bit further afield we wandered to Mudeford Quay and climbed up onto the piles of rope for a photo.  In the main season ferries go from Mudeford Quay to Mudeford Sand banks which are just a short distance away across the water.  We would have to find another way to get there!

On the beach we found a log to rest against while enjoying more winter sun.

In the distance across the water we could see The Isle of Wight and the Needles. We have been to Isle of Wight a few times, and visited the Needles on one visit. See our blog about the Needles here:

The food at The Harbour Hotel is very good with a great selection available at breakfast. We had already eaten croissants, granola and fruit salad before starting on our cooked breakfasts. I liked the tiny saucepan the baked beans were served in.

On our last day the humans decided to drive around to Hengistbury Head so that we could walk to the Mudeford Sandbanks and see the beach huts.

Nye nearly disappeared in the long grass – can you see him?

We tried to decide which beach hut we liked best.

But we actually liked all of them.

We also quite liked this little boat!

We really enjoyed our couple of days in and around Mudeford. Before leaving the hotel we posed for one last photograph on the quayside.

Horace the Alresford Bear 20/1/2023

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