Aunt Lucy’s new hat

The postman brought a parcel for Aunt Lucy today

We were all very keen to find out what was inside. It turned out to be a brand new hat for Aunt Lucy.

Aunt Lucy took off her old hat, which was very old and squashed.

She put on the new one which fitted perfectly

The band on the new one didn’t quite match her dress so she took the band off the old hat and put it on the new one.

I tried on the old hat but I don’t think I will be wearing it…

Aunt Lucy looks like a new bear in her beautiful new hat.

We will make sure Aunt Lucy’s new hat doesn’t get squashed or faded; she will have to stay out of the sun.

Aunt Lucy bought her new hat from a human who makes them and sells them on eBay. If you have a Paddington or Aunt Lucy in need of new clothes see her page at:

Horace the Alresford Bear 8/3/2023

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