My first blog post


I was first mentioned by Karen over a year ago in her blog about buying clothes from charity shops.  Oneday she was looking for clothes and found me on a shelf all on my own and bought me.

Karen went on to post photos of me getting up to various antics on her facebook account, then a couple of months ago I was a very happy bear when she set up a facebook page just for me.

I have decided I rather like putting photos of myself on the internet, and sharing my thoughts, so today I am starting a blog  🙂

4 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. Horace, I think you are great and I love to hear about your adventures! I too have a collection of Alresford bears and my Alresford honey bear (who looks just like you) has been with me for 36 years. Long live Horace and friends!


  2. G’day Horace. Greetings from Western Australia. I’m Henry Alresford. Pleased to meet you. At 28″ tall I’m quite a big fellow but mum says I’m not hard to feed. From my label I was born in the mid 70s at the Town Mill in Alresford, which would make me around 40 years old. I’ve been with mum since I was born and she’s taken pretty good care of me. She says she attaches a great deal of sentimental value to me, which is surprising considering I don’t do much around the place. I’m a pretty laid-back sort of bloke. Still, I’m here to comfort her if she’s feeling a bit down so I guess that counts for something. I can handle a few hugs now and again (blush). Wish I could send you a couple of pics of me but mum’s not into Facebook, Twitter, Gossip, Chatter (or whatever they’re called). Good ol’ Google is about her stretch. Hope things are going well for you in England. Might be a bit cold for me there considering I’ve lived all of my life in the sunshine. Well, that’s it, mate. See you around.
    Best wishes, Henry.


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