I’m back !

I’ve been so busy making friends with newly adopted Alresford Bears (there are 11 of us now),  modelling for birthday cards and visiting all sorts of places for the last couple of years my blog has been forgotten about entirely.   I have posted on my facebook page quite often though which you can see at http://www.facebook.com/horacethealresfordbear.

The autumn is now here and I won’t be being taken out in a carrier bag so often, and there won’t be anymore new arrivals as Karen says there isn’t room to adopt any more of my relatives.    Here we all waiting to do various photo shoots for a counting book that Karen created for her great nephew.  She is also writing a book about me.


3 thoughts on “I’m back !

  1. I was lucky to get my Aylesford teddy bear for Christmas in 1984; a gift from my Dad. I still have him and he’s been sleeping on my bed ever since. I’m sitting here with him now, having a Google of Aylesford teddy bears, and he was definitely pick of the litter ❤ But I love your yellow bear! I found an antique giant yellow bear in an op shop years ago and made the mistake of having it re-stuffed. It breaks my heart when teddy’s are separated from their children, but I only have room for one teddy in my heart, so I am glad you are collecting the lost bears.


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