Down on the farm

Yesterday I had the interesting experience of visiting a city farm, and as an added bonus, Growler was feeling young yesterday and decided to come along with me. The primary reason that we were there was to look for a large sheep.  We soon found the sheep, Primrose, and promptly climbed up for a photo (please note though, people aren’t allowed to climb on them, we only get away with it because I am stuffed with fluff and Growler is stuffed with sawdust)IMG_5322 Next to the sheep was a field of goats, which I found very interesting, so had to pose for a photo with them.IMG_5323One goat in particular took a liking to me and we rubbed noses.  I was a bit apprehensive though as Karen says that goats will eat anything, though this one seemed very friendly.IMG_5331 (2)Further up the path there was a little cabin that looked inviting, but the sign was quite worrying. I decided not to venture any further….IMG_5325On the way out I had a good look at the chickens from a safe distance…11012907_865791326848267_8945398538307518083_n….and I bought a herb for Karen to put in her garden (I like herbs, this one is thyme, it smells good).11695457_865791953514871_424703770308519179_nI really enjoyed my visit to the farm – it is a good place for bears and people.  Next time we go I hope we’ll get to visit the café.

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