A box full of books arrives!

The postman brought a large parcel to our house yesterday, and I was delighted to discover that Karen has finally published ‘Counting with Horace the Alresford Bear & Friends’.  It was a year ago that me, Growler and all my other Alresford relations that were living with Karen at that time modelled for a book being made especially for Melvin.  Karen had to alter it slightly in order to publish it at a reasonable price (though she thinks it is still a tad expensive really).   I must say Growler and I are impressed with the book, and Growler is extremely pleased to be on the front page!IMG_6216It wasn’t long before my relatives found the pile of books and started reading them too. Gordon doesn’t smile as much as me, but he was very proud to be in the book and thought the photo made him look much younger than he really is….IMG_6218Darcy took the book outside to read and spent ages studying  ‘Seven bears having a picnic’.  Until seeing the photo she hadn’t realised just how much bigger than the rest of us she is!IMG_6223Bogdon, Sue & Andrew didn’t even wait to find a seat they were so keen to get stuck into the book….IMG_6241Charles liked the meadow photograph best as it brought back memories of the outing to a local park to take the photo.  The other bears don’t go out as often as me!IMG_6229Marigold, William and Albert chose to sit out in the garden too….IMG_6227 (2)Gilbert enjoyed showing Hester his modelling skills.  Hester arrived in the post after the book had been written.  IMG_6236Nye wasn’t sure, he thought he should have been in the book too, but he was still in the USA in someone’s cupboard then!   IMG_6232Karen is hoping that some people will buy copies of the book.  They certainly would make good presents for teddy bear lovers young and old!


Down on the farm

Yesterday I had the interesting experience of visiting a city farm, and as an added bonus, Growler was feeling young yesterday and decided to come along with me. The primary reason that we were there was to look for a large sheep.  We soon found the sheep, Primrose, and promptly climbed up for a photo (please note though, people aren’t allowed to climb on them, we only get away with it because I am stuffed with fluff and Growler is stuffed with sawdust)IMG_5322 Next to the sheep was a field of goats, which I found very interesting, so had to pose for a photo with them.IMG_5323One goat in particular took a liking to me and we rubbed noses.  I was a bit apprehensive though as Karen says that goats will eat anything, though this one seemed very friendly.IMG_5331 (2)Further up the path there was a little cabin that looked inviting, but the sign was quite worrying. I decided not to venture any further….IMG_5325On the way out I had a good look at the chickens from a safe distance…11012907_865791326848267_8945398538307518083_n….and I bought a herb for Karen to put in her garden (I like herbs, this one is thyme, it smells good).11695457_865791953514871_424703770308519179_nI really enjoyed my visit to the farm – it is a good place for bears and people.  Next time we go I hope we’ll get to visit the café. http://swcityfarm.co.uk/