Train Driving

On August Bank holiday Monday I was put into my human’s bag and carried to Ashton Court Miniature Railway, which is run by  There are lots of very small locomotives running around a track and humans get to ride on the carriages behind.IMG_5783 The men and women driving the trains looked a bit big on them – the trains are bear sized.  A very kind engine driver let me sit right at the front of his train for a photo.IMG_5766Sometimes I am a bit mischievous so I drove it along a little way…IMG_5768 (2)I think I would make a rather good train driver, but I don’t have a licence to drive or carry people, so I wasn’t able to drive it all around the track.  I did however, ride around as a passenger, which was jolly fun – we even went through a tunnel.IMG_5776Afterwards I had a go on a diesel train, which I quite liked really as I didn’t have to worry about getting smoke in my fur.IMG_5785The railway is a really good place to visit for humans and their children plus bears.  Karen said the rides were really good value for money at 70p a go.IMG_5764I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope my humans take me there again soon.

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