Hope we have snow this year

I’ve noticed that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder and this has got me thinking about snow.   I have only played in snow once in my life, and I’d quite like to do it again.  It snowed a couple of years ago and I borrowed Paddington’s wellies and went out into the garden to explore while it was still dark as I was so excited!005

The garden looked so different covered in white and I’d so like snow to fall here again…


The following morning  dear old Growler used one of Karen’s old socks to keep his head warm and joined me to make a snow bear in the garden.  Karen went on to use the photo on a Christmas card.


Lots more Alresford bears have joined us since these photos were taken back in 2013 – with teamwork could make a whole load of snow bears if we get snow this winter!

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