The 2015 Christmas Card

For several years now my humans have sent cards to their friends and relations that feature me,  which means more modelling work for me.  Sometimes they are very organised and get me to pose for card photographs a year before they are needed, but last year they forgot to do that, so a few weeks ago we had to pretend it was already the festive season in order to do the photo shoot.  My humans decided I should be photographed while making mince pies, which made me a bit nervous while rolling out the pastry….


I used Nigella Lawson’s cookery book though I don’t really think I am ‘domestic goddess’ material.  Karen let me borrow her apron as I was getting rather too much flour stuck in my fur, and in order to create a festive feel I had to wear a Father Christmas hat.  We have holly in the garden that Karen doesn’t usually pick until the winter solstice but she went out and cut a few sprigs to include in the photo.   I had to stay still for ages while bits and pieces were moved around me in order to get the ‘perfect’ image!


One cooked the mince pies looked just like the ones that Nigella made, though I only managed to make seven (the recipe was for twelve!)



Karen ordered lots of packs of pre-cut red cards and arranged for sixty photographs featuring me cooking to be printed.  I then later had the job of glueing the photos into the cards and ended up with very tired paws.  You may notice in the photo below that a pig that lives in the sitting room watched me but didn’t offer to help; for some reason he spends all of his time next to the door.


Gilbert and Growler seemed most impressed with my handiwork.


Karen printed special address labels for the envelopes and wrote in the insides of the cards then I had to stick stamps them all, including airmail stickers for those going abroad.


The final job was to post them all in the pillar box.  A problem with being of such short stature is that sometimes I cannot reach things so I had a little help from a tall human with reaching the letter slot.

IMG_6499 (2)

I hope they all arrived safely.

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