Kilver Court Secret Gardens

The humans took me and my grand human to Kilver Court Secret Gardens in Shepton Mallet today.  They are hidden behind a shopping centre, and after paying the entrance fee in the garden centre shop (though bears go in for free)  we went in through a gate and were quite surprised.  We found  a big lake with lots of little duck houses dotted all over it, and a huge viaduct in the background.   It was very pleasing to the eye.20160904_150249.jpgWe walked through some woodland and came to a little house where people get married, though no one was getting married so I was able to pose for a selfie.20160904_150715As I toddled along the path I was surprised to spot a flamingo on the lake.  It was quite pink but I don’t think the camera captured the colour very well.20160904_150806It is just as well that I am not keen on swimming, as there were several signs requesting visitors not to go into the lake.20160904_151339Close up the viaduct was enormous. Trains don’t use it anymore.  I wondered whether it would be possible to walk across it.  20160904_151606I was drawn to a sign mentioning bears in the herbaceous border.20160904_151539.jpgThe rudebeckia was looking splendid.20160904_151626On the lake shore there was a thatched boathouse with small tethered boat.  I climbed in for a photo shoot.20160904_152137Further on round the garden some of the paths were quite challenging for my short legs.  20160904_152736This is the view from a little bridge going across the stream.  It was very peaceful.20160904_152837After all the walking I was jolly pleased to find a seat where I was able to snooze for ten minutes before exploring further.20160904_153246.jpgThe dahlias were in full flower and looked very bright and cheerful.  I’d like some dahlias in our garden at home but it is already full of plants!20160904_153414There was a ‘knotted’ garden with lots of low hedges that I particularly liked.  I think I look quite tall in this photo.20160904_153546I couldn’t resist climbing up on a wall to smell the sweet peas.20160904_153724On the way out I bought some new plants that would just about squeeze into our garden at home.  The yellow daisies (osteospernums) were reduced in price as it is the end of the season and they don’t always survive winter if the weather is too cold.   My humans thought we’d give them a chance.20160904_154225As soon as we got home I planted them in our front garden.IMG_8722

Horace the Alresford Bear 4/9/16

More information about Kilver Court Secret Garden



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