Watersmeet; walk, cake & roof tiles

img_9235Watersmeet rates very highly in my mental list of places that are good for bears and their humans to spend time.  It is good just to sit and watch the river gurgle down the valley.img_9221In some places the river Lyn gets quite frothy as it tumbles over rocks.  I didn’t sit too close as I really don’t like getting soggy fur.img_9214I am quite an adventurous bear though, so when I spotted this log across the river proceeded to clamber to the middle of the river.img_9232My humans were getting a tad concerned that I might fall in but I felt quite safe and sat for a while.img_9227We followed the river for a couple of miles down to a place called Lynmouth where the river flows into the sea.img_9237Here is a selfie of me sitting on the bridge.img_9240I was very interested in the boats that were in the harbour.  I like to read the names; one day I might find a boat named after me!img_9243There is a very interesting railway at Lynmouth that takes people to Lynton which is at the top of the cliff.  The railway is powered by water, and when one engine goes up the one at the top comes down at exactly the same time.  img_9247I would have liked to have a ride, but there wasn’t time as we had to walk 2 miles back up the valley again and get to the tearoom before closing time for cake. I like cake.img_9252We walked back up the valley to Watersmeet on the other side of the river.  I had to stop and admire the lovely view.img_9258I was very pleased when I finally spotted the tea room, and extremely happy that it was still open.img_9260We had to cross on a  wooden bridge over a big waterfall to reach the cafe. Here I am sitting on the railings, though a human was holding my legs to make sure I didn’t tumble over the edge.img_9264Yum yum yum chocolate brownie and a pot of tea.img_9267After filling my tum I had a look at the signs hanging on the front of the tearoom.img_9289The lovely old building needs a new roof and the National Trust are fundraising by getting bears (and people) to sponsor slates for the roof.img_9290I decided to sponsor a slate. My name will forever be up in the roof of the Watersmeet Tearoom, or at least until it needs another new roof (quite a long time I would think).img_9283By the time I had finished writing my slate (I can only write slowly with my paws) the tearoom had closed.  I posed with my slate on the steps.img_9285I think perhaps I should have written ‘Watersmeet is a good place for bears’, but there wasn’t much time, and I am not sure that there was room for another word on the bottom line.img_9287On the way back up to the car park right at the top of the hill, I stopped for a while and watched another waterfall.img_9296Watersmeet is indeed a beautiful place.  I hope to go again oneday.

Horace the Alresford Bear 15/9/16

For more information about Watersmeet see https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/watersmeet

Lynton/Lynmouth Cliff railway see http://www.cliffrailwaylynton.co.uk


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