Visiting Doc Martin’s village (Port Wenn/Port Isaac)

When sat on the back of the sofa I have noticed that the humans do seem to like watching a television show called ‘Doc Martin’ about a grumpy but lovable GP who lives in a fishing village in Cornwall.  In the series the village is called ‘Port Wenn’ but in real life it is Port Isaac, and Doc Martin doesn’t really live there at all.  We set out to find the buildings used in filming the show.  As soon as we’d walked down the hill I spotted Doc Martin’s house – if you are a fan you will know which one it is!img_9067-copyThe humans weren’t sure where to look for the other buildings, so we popped into a shop called ‘May contain nuts’ and bought a little map.  I hoped that we would return to same shop for pasties later as they looked delicious.img_9090-copyWe soon found the village school, which used to really be a school but nowadays is a hotel and restaurant.img_9070-copyimg_9087-copyNot far up the hill we found the school teacher Louisa’s house.  It was actually a holiday house.  I climbed up onto the window sill for a photo.img_9082-copyWe then set off to find Aunt Ruth’s house.   I had to stop and study the map for a while.img_9099-copyOn the way to Aunt Ruth’s we passed a cottage with an excellent name.  I wondered if there was lots of honey inside.img_9103Aunt Ruth’s house was up the hill a little bit; it was for sale.  I thought it looked like a good house for bears.img_9106My legs were getting tired so I climbed back into the bear carrier in order to find the pharmacy.img_9141Here I am perched on the windowsill for a photo.  I held on tight as a dog was looking rather interested in me.img_9107The pharmacy shop is really a confectioners.  The humans went inside and bought ice creams – pharmacies don’t usually sell ice cream!img_9110Next we went up the hill to get a closer look at Doc Martin’s House. I stopped on the way to look at the school from the other side of the bay.img_9113On arrival at Doc Martin’s house there was quite a queue of people outside waiting to see him.img_9119I climbed up the front steps to see if he was actually there!img_9115No sign of him today – the people were going to be waiting a very long time.img_9121Going back down the hill I wondered if we could get a cup of tea at Bert’s Cafe.img_9122Bert wasn’t in so we went back down to the harbour.  I think I look good in yellow boats.img_9132Was jolly pleased when the humans went back to ‘May Contain Nuts’ and bought pasties for lunch.  img_9137

Yum yum yum.

Horace the Alresford Bear 17/9/16


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