Upfest Art Tour

I live in an area of Bristol where every year artists arrive from all over the world and paint sides of buildings and the shutters on the shops, as well as artwork on big boards.  Yesterday evening I went off for a toddle round to see some of the permanent works of art.  Here is a selection…

I love the purple lion on Lion Stores.IMG_0777

Bright and cheerful design on the florist shop.


There were lots of images of boats along this wall.  The pirates looked very scary making someone ‘walk the plank’.


This is the shutter on the butcher’s shop.   Thought provoking.  My human doesn’t eat much meat, and when she does it is outdoor reared, so she liked this one.




I nearly got stuck in the railings looking at this one.


Lots going on here…


I am a small bear but even if I was big this would still be a huge work of art.  The eyes look very real.


If you look to the left of ‘THE GALLERY’ you might notice a picture painted by Banksy when he was 4 years old 😉   IMG_0734

This one is thought provoking.


I see pink elephants but I haven’t had any ale!


A good way to cheer up a dreary doorway, though the bird looks a bit grumpy.


This one is very thought provoking and made me feel rather sad.  The ice in the Artic is slowly melting meaning that one day these bears may not have anywhere to live.


If you’d like to know more about Upfest have a look at the website:



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