Making Pizza

To begin I fried some garlic in olive oil and added a strained tin of tomatoes.  This was then left to simmer.IMG_0844While the tomato sauce was simmering I chopped up all the other toppings.IMG_0853Grated the cheese, taking care not to grate my paws.IMG_0863By this time the simmering tomatoes were ready to be blended into a sauce. IMG_0867My human bought the pizza dough for me earlier in the day at a local baker’s shop.  It smelt jolly good.IMG_0871As I rolled out the dough it seemed almost as though it was alive as it kept springing into different shapes!  I would have liked to pick it up and toss it about as I have seen happen in pizzerias but didn’t want to risk getting dough all stuck in my fur.IMG_0882Before putting on the topping I carefully brushed olive oil all over the base.  IMG_0886Next I covered the base with the various toppings.IMG_0890At this point it things went a little bit wrong.  I forgot to put flour on the board and struggled to lift the pizza.  Sorted it in the end using the bottoms of three cake tins.  My human put the pizza into the oven as I didn’t want to scorch my fur.  The oven was on its highest setting (250c fan) with a special pizza stone in it onto which my pizza was placed.  My human says we need a pizza peel to do this next time (a flat bit of metal with a handle)IMG_0892I must say the final result was delicious.IMG_0895

I hope my human buys more pizza dough soon!

The fresh pizza dough was purchased at:

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