Wightwick Manor & Gardens

My humans like to break car journeys at National Trust properties. On the way to Manchester we stopped in Wolverhampton to visit Wightwick Manor


Having been in a car for a while we decided to have a walk around the gardens before finding the cafè. The rose arbour was very pretty.

The bees were very busy collecting nectar to make honey. I like honey.

I nearly fell in a rhubarb pot after climbing up to see if any rhubarb was inside.

I said ‘Hello’ and posed for a selfie with a lady campaigning in the kitchen garden.

There was a splendid insect hotel next to the greenhouse for bees that live alone such as bumble bees.

It was extremely hot inside the glass house. I rather liked the mechanism that opened the windows.

I came across a little bear sized house named the Grigg House. It is named after the heather that the thatch is made from which is Welsh ‘grug’.

There were seats inside and books for people to read. I just looked out of the window for a while and watched the world go by.

The highlight of my visit to Wightwick was driving one of the cars next to to café. I think quite a few humans would have liked a go but only small humans were allowed.

Lunch time. Yum yum yum.

Thr house was built in Tudor style but isn’t Tudor. It was built by Theodore Manders, a wealthy paint manufacturer in 1887. Mr Mander’s son later gave it to The National Trust.

Selfie time before going in to explore.

Years ago only men were allowed to vote in elections. The Manders family supported peaceful campaigns aimed at allowing women to vote.

Sometimes because I am a small bear I get to visit ‘secret’ places. The volunteer let me climb the stairs that allowed Flora Mander to quickly reach her private sitting room

In the morning room the table was laid ready for breakfast. The sweet peas from the garden smelt lovely.

People or cats weren’t allowed on quite a lot of chairs. Chairs wear out when being sat on all the time. I decided I was probably a person too so didn’t sit on the chair.

The snooker table was extremely green. It was as bright as the photograph shows.

I peeped through the hatch of the servery where an enormous chicken was waiting to be served.

Mr Mander stood for parliament and was a liberal MP.

From the gallery I had a good view of The Great Parlour, especially the stag’s head. I hope my head never ends up displayed anywhere.

In the nursery I found lots of distant relatives.

I chatted with these two for a while but they had already drunk the tea.

This chap was a mascot for Wolves football team. As you may know I am a part time mascot for a cycling team. We had a quick chat about pros and cons of mascot duties.

The one eyed dog looked a little sad.

We took a ‘selfie’ though I am not sure he understood the modern technology of mobile phones.

The chief maid had a very nice room.

In the kitchens I found some hats that humans could try on. I think this top hat makes me look very important.

I was fascinated by the pressure cooker in the kitchen complete with pressure gauge.

I was feeling rather hungry so time for a cream tea before continuing on our journey.

To find out more about Wightwick Manor go to: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wightwick-manor-and-gardens

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