Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey is a very big estate with lots to see. We started off looking at the mill. It wasn’t running but I was still very impressed by the size of the wheel.20180630_131939489275152.jpg

The mill was not grinding flour but operating machinery for sawing wood; a saw mill. Even though it wasn’t working I thought it best not to get too close to The Dunham Ripper.

There was a slide set up with a bell at the bottom. To make the bell ring I rolled down a 2p piece. Ding!

There are lots of deer at Dunham Massey. It was good to be able to touch some antlers; they feel very smooth. The volunteer told us some interesting information; deer antlers are rarely found when deer shed them as the deer eat them as they are rich in calcium. Deer must have extremely strong teeth.

There were deer wandering about all over the estate. Some areas were for deer only as deer like a bit of privacy from humans.

I was very impressed with this huge fungi found growing in the deer park on a tree root.

In the house a little theatre had been set up to amuse children. I did a quick performance which made a couple of small humans smile.

I also tried on some royal clothing but I think I look better in a top hat or French beret.

These are fancy dress outfits from years ago. I rather liked the green medicine bottle outfit.

The lid of the medicine bottle was a red hat; this was in a glass case to keep it safe.

During the First World War Dunham Massey was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

There was a fascinating wind up gramophone in the ward playing music; after a few minutes the music got slower then it finally stopped.

Telephones look nothing like this nowadays; I think this is rather splendid.

This little truck would have been used to pump water in case of fire.

In the laundry area of the house I discovered an amazing iron heater.

These huge lumps of stone were used for squashing cheese.

In the gardens there were some lilies (Cardiocrinum giganteum) in flower that only flower once in their lifetime of seven years.  The flowers last for just one week.  I felt quite privileged to see them.

I was good to see lots of busy bees buzzing around the hives but none of the bees show on the photograph.

Here is a selfie of me with the back of the house behind me.20180630_162033885728279.jpg

Many geese live at Dunhan Massey.  They were having a gathering on the lawn behind the house.  They were looking at me a bit suspiciously so I kept my distance.

It was a very hot day so before leaving the estate I enjoyed an ice cream in the woods.

I enjoyed my visit to Dunham Massey; it is an excellent place with lots of interesting history, and plenty of space for a walk for those that like to get a bit of exercise.

For more information about Dunham Massey:  https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunham-massey

Horace the Alresford Bear, July 2018

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