A Very Victorian Christmas at Tyntesfield

We had to wait a little while in a queue to get special tickets in order to go into the  ‘Very Victorian Christmas’ event happening inside the big house at Tyntesfield.IMG_1714 The weather was very damp and misty, which tends to mess up my fur a little. I posed for a selfie outside the splendid gothic mansion.   tyThe carriage rides looked like fun, but unfortunately were all booked up.IMG_1723The driver did have room for a small bear up front, but I couldn’t leave my humans behind so climbed down again to be with them.IMG_1725Lots of the trees around the estate were decorated in red ribbons. IMG_1715There was another queue to get into the house, but we fortunately we didn’t have to wait long. IMG_1720In the entrance hall the footman explained ‘the rules of the house’ to me. IMG_1734I had a chat with Mr Loxley next to a splendid Christmas tree.IMG_1737In another room there was a Christmas tree festooned in crocheted decorations made by volunteers.  It was very pretty.  I had a chat to a lady who was an author, though I have forgotten her name (do message me if you know).   Unfortunately the present that I had my eye on in the gold box wasn’t for me.IMG_1739Some house maids were helping children  make jingly fan decorations.  IMG_1741I was going to make one too but then heard someone start playing the piano in the room along the corridor.  People were singing Christmas carols and being a bear that enjoys singing I stopped to join in.IMG_1744Mr & Mrs Gibbs, the owners of the house were dancing.  (Unfortunately the photo is rather blurred, which might be because they were dancing very fast, or more likely my human needs a better camera).IMG_1745After the dancing had finished I had a good chat with Mr Gibbs.IMG_1747IMG_1749There was a Christmas stocking filled with mysterious items in the children’s room.  IMG_1752In another room someone was still busy wrapping presents.IMG_1755The Gibbs family had their own little church next to the house.  The vicar read a little from his book to me but I must admit I was somewhat confused.  I don’t think he was used to having conversations with bears.IMG_1756Before setting off back home some refreshments were required.  Bears like hot chocolate especially with marshmallows and cream on the top!IMG_1732I have visited Tyntesfield a few times but have not been at Christmas time before.  The experience made me feel very festive.

(Apologies for the poor quality of some of my photos; using a flash is not allowed inside NT properties as the light can damage old furnishings, and my human’s camera does not work well in low light.  She is currently looking into getting a better camera)

A couple of years ago I blogged about Tyntesfield pumpkins & squashes: https://horacethealresfordbear.com/2016/01/05/pumpkins-squashes

For more information about Tyntesfield see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/tyntesfield

Horace the Alresford Bear 23/12/18



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