A train ride to Dawlish

A great thing to do while in Torquay is a train ride along the coast to Dawlish, especially if like me you like trains.  Here I am waiting for the train, another slightly blurred photo but at least I am in focus.img_1759The first train to arrive was destined for Manchester.   People and bears have to be careful at railway stations that they get on the correct train!img_1760A few minutes later the train to Exeter arrived and I quickly got on, no time for photographs!  We were soon on our way and within about 15 minutes after travelling along the edge of the river Teign we reached Teignmouth.img_1761The train track is right next to the sea and the view is amazing.  img_1763Here is a glimpse of ‘Elephant Rock’ which is just before Dawlish Warren.img_1765We got off the train at Dawlish Warren in order to walk along the coast path to Dawlish.img_1776There were lots of splendid buckets and spades for sale in the beach shop but the humans didn’t seem to think it was digging weather.img_1772There was lots of space on the beach, with just a few dogs and their humans enjoying walking on the sand.img_1779While walking back towards Dawlish a few trains went by; I waved to any children on board.  Children do like to wave from trains.img_1787The red cliffs are made of sandstone and over the years get washed away by the sea.img_1788Back in 2014 a whole section of the track ended up suspended in midair when a section of the seawall collapsed during a ferocious storm.  (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26042990).   I went down onto the beach to have a look at the rebuilt bit.   img_1790On reaching Dawlish I was keen to find the famous Dawlish black swans.  img_1794Jolly pleased to find one; easy to spot with a bright red bill.img_1796A few more black swans were resting or foraging on the grass.  They have white feathers underneath their wings.img_1802I watched this pair for quite a while as they swam up and down dabbling around in the water.img_1809Here is some more information about the black swans: https://www.dawlish.gov.uk/waterfowl.phpimg_1815My tummy started to rumble as it was snack time.  Jolly pleased to find a splendid little tea room ‘A Piece of Cake’ serving freshly made scones.  The cheese scone was delicious.img_1821The humans popped me into the bear carrier to get back to Dawlish station to make sure we didn’t miss the train back to Torquay.  We got there just as the train was arriving.img_1824I found a seat but didn’t stay in it long as couldn’t see out of the window.img_1826Fortunately being a bear I was able to clamber up onto the table to look at the view.   img_1832

The train soon arrived back in Torquay.    A splendid afternoon out – great for bears and humans and I think children would probably enjoy too.

Horace the Alresford Bear 7/1/19





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