Exploring Dinefwr

I was delighted to be able to spend a couple of hours exploring Dinefwr in Camarthenshire on the way home from our holiday.  There are very little people that live on the estate in houses in tree trunks.

There was even a washing line with teeny weeny washing hung out to dry.  I didn’t spot any teeny weeny people; they must be quite shy.

Or perhaps they stay hidden as I found another much bigger door in a very old tree trunk…..

Before going inside the house I had to have a ‘selfie’ photo!

Through the window was a view of a knot garden and some flower beds waiting to be planted.  I am sure it will look quite splendid once the gardeners set to work.

There was a lady busy dusting the floors so I gave her a helping paw.

In the library I found an interesting book but there wasn’t time to stay and read it (which would have involved staying several weeks).20190330_122256843830246.jpgHere I am sitting in ‘The Bard’s Chair’.   (Actually it is a replica, which is why I was allowed to sit in it)

There was an information board stating that there are white cattle at Dinefwr.  I was hoping to find them.

Oh dear; not quite what I was looking for!

During the war part of Dinefwr was used as a hospital.  We have a stone hot water bottle just like those; it is used to keep the rabbits warm in their hutch in winter.

The butler wasn’t allowed to empty slops into his sink.

An interesting machine for cleaning knives – it looks a bit like a tombola.

I had a quick game of ‘Four in a row’ with my human , who went on to win.  I wasn’t really concentrating well as my tummy had started rumbling telling me it was lunch time.

A tasty bowl of Cawl.  Yum yum yum….

In the shop next to the café some of the children’s books were in Welsh, reminding me that we were in Wales.

The sun was shining outside so we set off to explore the grounds of Dinefwr, where I was hoping to somewhere find some white cows.  I found a very old true that had a special hidey hole just right for bears.

There were some wooden sculptures of animals dotted around the park.  Here I am with a wooden badger.

The house looked liked a fairy tale castle from the deer park.

Unfortunately I didn’t see any deer except this carved one.  A sign said that the Dinefwr deer are shy so they must have been hiding somewhere.

After leaving the deer park I took a stroll across a board walk through the bog wood.

There were many ferns growing on the branches of the trees; for some reason I felt that a dinosaur might appear at any moment.

After being carried up a quite steep hill I arrived at Dinefwr castle.

There were good views from the top of the castle so I had a good look around to see if I could view any white cows, but didn’t spot any.

Humans were enjoying wandering around.

I was jolly pleased that my humans were hungry again and wanted to pay the café another visit before we continued on our journey.  Carrot cake.  Yum yum yum….

I could have spent much longer at Dinefwr but we only had a couple of hours to spare.  Next time there is a chance to visit I will hopefully see a deer and a white cow!

Horace the Alresford Bear 1/4/19

For more information about Dinefwr see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dinefwr


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