Three Bears in Treleddyd Fawr Cottage

It is not often our humans decide to take three of us along with them on holiday. Growler is very old and doesn’t get out much these days so they thought he would enjoy a break, and Nye, although a bit mischievous as times is small so doesn’t take up much room and he is always smiling like me. We were absolutely delighted when we arrived at our home for the week, which was 200 year old Treleddyd Fawr cottage, near St Davids in Pembrokeshire. The cottage looks like something from a postcard.


Treleddyd Fawr is owned by the National Trust who rent it out to people as a holiday cottage.


We all posed outside before going in.


Growler had a little rest while Nye and I opened the door.

IMG_1842 (2)

Our kind humans had already got the fire going for us to warm our fur. We were careful not to get too close and moved further away after the photo had been taken.

IMG_1844 (2)

The comfy blue chair…

IMG_1846 (2)

…and the comfy blue sofa.

IMG_1849 (2)

After warming up we went upstairs, which took a while. We really liked the stair runner, which was made nearby from Welsh wool in a mill at Solva.

IMG_1861 (2)

Finally we reached the top. Human sized stairs are hard work for small bears.


A lovely bed awaited us for a well earned rest.

IMG_1871 (2)

I think I am looking a bit squashed face again; I must ask the humans to be more careful with me when I am in the bear carrier.

IMG_1869 (2)

The cottage walls are very thick and the windows quite small, though we enjoyed the view of the blackthorn in flower.

IMG_1867 (2)

When the cottage was built Velux roof windows had not been invented. The National Trust fitted two in the roof at the back of the cottage. We were very impressed with them as they gave an excellent view of the sheep.


I climbed out onto the roof for a better view. (Sometimes I can do things that humans cannot as I am very light).


Growler was very relieved when I returned. He was worried that a gust of wind might have blown me away.


We sat for a while upstairs in the ‘dressing room’ area on a bench that must have been designed for three bears.

There are some photos on the wall of how the Treleddyd Fawr looked prior to it being renovated.

This one shows a very old Welsh clog that was found during the restoration.

When we returned downstairs Nye found it in exactly the same place as shown in the photograph. Nye being a tad mischievous tried it on.


We enjoyed sitting on the bench in the garden listening to the sheep baa-ing and birds tweeting.


I was curious as to what was behind the red door. The humans had been through it a couple of times…

IMG_1878 (2)

….a washing machine and tumble drier. Very useful for humans, though sometimes they decide bears need to go in them. Fortunately the humans only used them to wash some of their clothes.


The humans also were keeping their bicycles in the utility room, and seemed very pleased to have somewhere safe and dry to store them.


Next to the cottage is a very deep well. The National Trust have wisely put a grille in front to make sure bears or people (or dogs, as dogs holiday here sometimes too) fall down. We had afternoon tea on the platform next to it; close to the kitchen door so not too far for us to carry the china. The barabrith that we bought in nearby St Davids was very yummy.


Afterwards I did all the washing up.


There are two wood burning stoves at Treleddyd Fawr. Here we are watching a logburn in the biggest one. There are the remains of a bread oven next to it and the chimney up above is very big and wide. The National Trust restored the fireplace with a new oak lintel which was grown at Colby Woodland Garden nearby. (See my blog: )


Treleddyd Fawr cottage is quite famous.


For breakfast each day I made porridge with local honey.

IMG_1907 (2)

Three bears eating porridge!

IMG_1899 (2)

Whilst the humans were out one day we played hide and seek. Nye went first but we soon spotted him in the bread oven.


Next It was Growler’s turn. We took a little longer to find him.


I found a special hidey hole in the bathroom (which used to be a dairy). The others discovered me when I sneezed!


When it was Nye’s turn again we nearly gave up. Due to his small size and being quite flexible he had managed to squeeze himself into the bread jar.


There was a cupboard in the hall containing some board games. We were delighted to find Scrabble there. Growler won every game; he is old and knows many words.


Grower being very old often takes naps. He made himself at home on the bench seat.

The week went by far too quicky. Treleddyd Fawr cottage is a splendid very interesting place for a break ‘away from it all’ for bears and their humans. We were sad to wave goodbye but are left with many happy memories.

If you would like to stay at Treleddyd Fawr cottage see:

Also the cottage has featured on BBC television on ‘National Treasures of Wales’

Horace the Alresford Bear 30/3/19

2 thoughts on “Three Bears in Treleddyd Fawr Cottage

  1. Thank you for sharing, Horace! I’m from the US and I’m going to England and Wales for my holiday in May. You’ve provided useful tips and a wonderful story of your adventures with Nye, Growler, and the humans 🙂


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