The River Avon Trail

A lovely sunny day so decided to go on a local adventure and walk along the River Avon.

I was jolly pleased to get to Beeses Riverside Bar as was feeling a tad hungry. The ferry boat was very busy taking visitors to and fro.

I clambered in and sat near the life ring just in case….

When we reached the other side there were lots of people waiting to cross back again…

Beeses was very busy with lots of happy people sitting in the sunshine.

I managed to find a quiet spot right next to the river to enjoy my cream tea…

A boat went past and I gave the occupants a little wave…

On the way back I made friends with a young labrador who was also using the ferry…

Just after getting off the ferry I noticed an interesting sign. It inspired me to walk further along the trail…

Legs were a tad tired when I arrived at Hanhan Lock so was jolly pleased to find The Chequers Inn to stop at for more refreshments.

When I finally arrived back home after walking nearly 7 miles I was ver tired but had enjoyed a lovely afternoon out.

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