Adventure in Sardinia

The first place I stayed in was on the west coast of Sardinia; Porto Alabe.I have never seen such big prickly pear cacti; not even at botanical gardens. This one was in flower too.The beach was fairly quiet with just a sprinkling of sun umbrellas.I found the first day rather hot and wanted to cool off. I was very tempted to use the outdoor shower, then remember what happens to me when I get wet!I climbed into the olive tree to shelter from the sun for a while.The lounger was even better, a place to relax in comfort. I nodded off for a while.Meal time I decided to cook some spaghetti in a tomato sauce.Yum yum yum (even if I didn’t cook the spaghetti for quite long enough!)The flowers on the coast were all in bloom and very pretty.I wanted to climb up to the Nuragic monument but my little legs were too tired so I just sat on a rock and looked at it instead. There are lots of them in Sardinia; built over 3000 years ago.On returning to the apartment I found a special bear-sized bath but didn’t stay for long in case someone turned on the tap.A good thing to eat when in Sardinia is pizza. This one the first of many. Yum yum yum..

Bosa is a very interesting town with very old houses painted different colours on a hillside next to the river.

The Streets are very narrow.

There are also many cafes selling very tasty gelato. I am not good at holding cones so had mine in a little dish.

Here I am at another beach further along the coast; Maimoni. I thought about using the snorkelling mask but decided against it.This is the best place for a bear…There were beautiful sunsets at Porto Alabe due to facing west.After a drive along the coast along through the mountains we reached Alghero. Alghero old town has lots of interesting narrow streets, and restaurants serving delicious food, such as this paella.Boats go from Alghero port to visit caves inside cliffs, so I jumped in one for a ride as I have never been inside a cave with stalactites.There was lots to see from the boat.An enormous cruise liner was moored up in the bay.The boats pull up at a jetty at the entrance to the cave, Neptune’s Grotto.I purchased my ticket..Inside the cave was quite amazing. After staying a week on the west of the island it was time to move to the south, which involved a drive across the island, though a tunnel and down a very long winding road to Cala Gonone.There was a wonderful view of the sea from the balcony of Casa Anna.

The back garden was very pretty with an enormous pizza oven.

I cooked indoors as we only needed a small amount of food.

Supper on the balcony. Yum yum yum.

The sea at Cala Gonone was crystal clear and very calm. I could even see a few fish swimming about.

Too hot for a vintage bear though. I have to look after my fur so chilled under the parasol.

One morning I woke up early so went out onto the balcony to see the sun rise.

I do enjoy gardening so tended the back garden while we were there.

There are ‘Giant’s tombs’ in several places in Sardinia. Finding one involved first driving the car to a place in the countryside.

I could see the Giant’s tomb in the distance in the ‘maccia’. Maccia is the collective name for all the wild plants that grow on the uncultivated land.

After quite a long hot walk we arrived at the tomb. I was very careful not to fall in.

All the tombs have the same shapes of stone at the front. This is over 4000 years old.

Back at Casa Anna I posed for a selfie with the bougainvillia.

All adventures come to an end. I tried on some caps at the airport hoping one might fit but I do have an odd shaped head. This one with the Sardinian flag on looks good from the front!

Glad I remembered my passport for going home!

I enjoyed Sardinia but it was rather a warm place for a small bear covered in fur.

Horace the Alresford Bear 24/6/19

(All these photos were also posted live on my Facebook page)

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