Meeting long lost relatives Fagin & Ted in Waddington

Something rather wonderful happened today. We had a message from Fagin & Ted who live a few miles away from Lower Buck Cottage where we are staying at the moment. A meet-up was arranged and they arrived with home made scones, cream, jam and fruit. All good for bears

We posed for a special re-union photograph on the bench outside the cottage.

After a short walk another photo; this time on the bridge in Waddington memorial garden.

I noticed some stepping stones that looked as though us bears could cross them. So off we went….

Fagin ended up just watching from the bank. He is a well loved bear and could not risk falling in as his fur is quite fragile.

It was soon time for Fagin and Ted to go home. We crowded together for a selfie before saying our goodbyes.

As you can see we all look similar but also have differences. This is because we were all hand made and every Alresford honey Bear is slightly different.

A very special day.

Horace the Alresford Bear 16/9/19

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