Bolton Abbey including stepping stones & wobbly welly trail…

Bolton Abbey isn’t an abbey but a priory. The estate belongs to the Duke of Devonshire but is not in Devon but in Yorkshire. All a tad confusing for small bears ..

The River Wharfe runs through the estate. Years ago estate workers had to use the stepping stones to cross the river. More recently a bridge was built.

We tried to cross using the stepping stones but got scared so were very pleased that there is also a bridge.

We decided to practise on dry land using the wooden stepping stones.

Nye ‘fell in’ first….

Followed by me…

Next we came across this; much easier to negotiate and we both successfully crossed.

I had forgotten to bring my wellies (it was a lovely sunny day!) and Nye doesn’t have any; but we decided to do ‘The Welly Walk’ anyway.

Here we are avoiding snakes on the snakes and ladders trail.

We had fun sliding down inside the giant snake.

It was a bit of a struggle climbing up the ladder.

The igloo was a good thing for bears to climb on.

There was a splendid view of The Yorkshire Dales from the hill above the river.

We were a tad hungry after all the exploring so stopped for a cream tea at The Tea Cottage. Yum yum yum…

The Tea Cottage is very pretty so we posed for a selfie before leaving.

Bolton Abbey is a lovely place especially with the sun shining. There is much more to see but unfortunately didn’t have time. We recommend the cream teas!

Horace the Alresford Bear 19/9/19

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