Dunster Castle & Watermill (NT)

After a few days of October rain the River Avill was in full flow.

This was good news for the water wheels that power the mill.

I kept a tight hold on Nye going over the bridge just in case he fell through; the river below would have swept him easy in seconds if he were to fall in.

We found some excellent dry land stepping stones in the woods.

The gardener was nowhere to be seen so we tried out the bear sized gardening mobile.

Our tummies were beginning to rumble for food. We had a trip down the hill to the town to one of the many teashops for our lunch.

On returning to Dunster Castle we resumed exploring. Nye was sure he saw a pixie peeking out of the Pixie Well but I missed him.

The path up to the castle is quite steep bit we are fit bears…

We stopped for a little rest at the top!

Nye couldn’t resist climbing a very tall palm.

I was quite relieved when he climbed bback down again.

The table inside the castle was laid ready for a big banquet.

It was quite surprising to find a modern ‘Hygena’ kitchen installed in the castle. It was put in by the last ownerve to make life a bit easier for the servants. The Victorian kitchens are still in the castle but we didn’t get to see them as weren’t in time for the tour.

We managed to gave a quick game of ‘four in a row’….

There was also a selection of hats to try on. I think the cap suits me….not sure about Nye though; I think he needs to grow a bit!

We sat for a while warming our fur in the conservatory.

Before leaving we sat on the wall and wondered what it must have been like to live in a castle.

A great day out for humans and bears.

For more information see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 15/10/19

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