Gordon’s Cabin; Mortehoe

We recently tagged along with the humans to stay in an old 1800’s linhay (a sort of barn). It was turned into a holiday cottage by the National Trust in 2016.

Inside was very luxurious with a huge bed with plenty of room for two small bears to have power naps.

The humans left us a while then put us both on a shelf!

We found an old picture with an umage of the linhay in early 1900’s wirh a horse and cart outside.

There was also another book about someone who grew up in the area that we busied ourselves reading.

There is a very well equipped kitchen at Gordon’s Cabin, so making our porridge was a pleasure.

Yum yum yum…

The humans went out and left us ‘home alone’ a few times but we found plenty to do.

We did take a little stroll up to the village.

The humans took us along to Woolacoombe which is a mile or so along the road.

They didn’t take us on their coast path wall to Bullock’s Point as ‘didn’t want to carry us’. It was listed as a challenging walk so not suitable for us to toddle along behind. A shame as we missed some spectacular scenery including this:

We did get to go to Arlington Court though (half an hour’s drive from the cabin) which is a great place for bears

Gordon’s Cabin is a splendid place to stay for a peaceful break and for exploring North Devon.

Horace the Alresford Bear 15/10/19

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