Re-visiting Watersmeet followed by a ride on the world’s steepest & highest water powered railway.

It was good to visit Watersmeet again but this time with my little brother Nye. The river Lyn was in full flow and gushing down the valley.

The rope across the river with lots of odd shoes dangling from it was a tad ppuzzling.

Further upstream next to the shoe line Nye found a sign which explained the shoes. They hang where a bridge used to be and a local charity are raising funds to build a new bridge.

We continued on up the path next to the river and found a bridge to cross to the other side. The water was very fast flowing; not somewhere to fall in so I kept a close eye on Nye.

To get to the tea rooms we crossed a bridge at the bottom of the waterfall that many visitors come to see. We posed for a selfie on the bridge while the humans held onto our legs to keep us safe.

On arrival at Watersmeet Tearooms we spent a while looking at the roof tiles. Back in 2016 I sponsored a tile (wrote my name on the back of it) and I wondered where my tile ended up. You can read about my tile here:

Freshly made red pepper soup for lunch. Yum yum yum.

With full tummies we climbed up some steep steps to see another waterfall. Neither of us wanted to fall in!

After walking back down the valley we ended up in Lynmouth.

There is a very interesting funicular railway that goes up the cliff from Lynmouth to Lynton. When one carriage comes down the other goes up and it is powered by water. We decided to have a go.

It was a bit scary as the carriage travelled up the track pulled by a very thick cable with another carriage coming down at same time.

We waved to the people coming down a their carriage passed.

At the top there is an amazing view of Lynmouth.

There is also a cafe at top where we celberated having been on the world’s steepest and highest water powered railway at a table overlooking the sea.

An excellent end to an adventure.

For more information about Watersmeet and the cliff railway see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 16/10/19

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