Free to a good home….

My human doesn’t actively look for bears anymore as quite alot of us already live with her. However today when she was walking to visit grandhuman she saw this sad unwanted bear sitting on a hedge.

She didn’t hesitate to rescue him as knew that we would make him welcome.  On reaching my grandhuman’s house he was put straight into her the bear jacuzzi to make sure he was clean.After 30 minutes he clambered out.The ‘Free to good home’ bear with no name then had to spend a while on the washing line to dry quickly in the wind.He didn’t seem too bothered and after his fur had fluffed up again he looked like a new bear.My human asked for name suggestions on social media and someone thought Hugo would suit him.   When back at our house he was introduced to me and some of the other bears (and a rabbit) who live here.Hugo volunteered to spend some time in the window.  (We are all taking turns sitting in the windows as part of the ‘Bears in Windows’ thing that is going on during the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting humans all over the world. The idea is for children to see us when they go out for exercise). Hugo is enjoying waving to children and admiring the blossom on the crab apple tree.
A happy ending for unwanted Hugo.

Horace the Alresford Bear 21/4/2020

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