Blaise Castle Estate

Today I visited Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol to look for the castle. There is museum there too in the big house but that hasn’t yet opened.

Behind the big house I found a delightful thatched building which in times gone by was a dairy.

At the start of the walk through the Woods there was a little house which looked a bit like something from a fairytale.

I was jolly pleased to find a bear sized rope swing.

Sometimes in woods I just like to sit and listen to the birds.

At a clearing I thought at first that I had found a sandpit to play in but it turned out to be a golf course.

Back in the woods it was just as well I am not tall as I had to squeeze underneath a fallen tree.

A stream runs through the valley; here I am posing on a bridge.

Climbing uphill is always quite challenging for me due to my short legs.

Finally we found the castle. It is actually a folly and not a real castle but it looks quite splendid on top the hill.

I stopped to read the information sign about the hill; it was a forty hundred of years ago.

Around the hill there are a few man made caves which are good for bears.

After all the exploring I was glad to sit on a bench and eat my packed lunch. No cake today!

For more information see:

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3 thoughts on “Blaise Castle Estate

  1. Looks like a great day out. Thanks for sharing it. BTW have you timed travelled forward to July or have I missed a month? Says 8/7/2020 at end.


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