Lytes Cary

Lytes Cary Manor House has really lovely gardens

The large patch of various types of thyme was very pleasing to the eye.

I think I look good with purple!

After visiting the gardens we set off on the woodland explorer trail.

There was a very big bug house so I didn’t get too close just in case very big bugs had moved in!

Soon I came across a good opportunity to practice my climbing.

Someone had been busy building a bear shelter.

I stopped to listen to the bird song as suggested and my human got a video clip.

Then sadly her phone went off, the battery had run out, so we didn’t get any more photos.

We finished the woodland trail then walked around some fields while trying to work out what crops were growing. The visit ended with cake and a flask of tea; I am sure you can imagine me sitting with my Victoria sponge!

An interesting place to visit if you are passing by.

For more information see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 20/6/2020

5 thoughts on “Lytes Cary

  1. Hi Horace, just had another look at your photos, and comments from Lytes Cary. A Manor House !!! Wow 🤩 . That really is something, and you’re so right , fantastic gardens. You spent a lot of time admiring the flowers, no surprise to me cos I know you ❤️ 🌸🌺🌷. What about the logs for building things ? That looked like great fun, I liked the place you found like wigwam under a big tree. Pity the camera stopped, never mind, you’ll need to go back another day 👍👍. Good thing you had your picnic all ready. Your Human knows how to look after a little bear. I’m so happy you’re getting all these wonderful chances. By the way where is Lytes Cary? Now you Take Care and thank your Human for taking you out ,
    Keep Safe Lots of ❤️ Xx Xx


      • Thank you Horace, I thought you’d be having a bit of a rest now after visiting Lytes Cary and Barrington Court so quickly , must have been the same week.
        Don’t do too much and wear yourself out, you need to be
        “bright eyed and bushy tailed“ as my Mum used to say, so that you’re all ready for when the Cafes and Tea Rooms open shortly., Thanks for the information about Lytes Cary, I had never heard of it. Have a rest now, ready for your next adventure ,

        Much, Much Love Xx 😘 Xx 😘 Xx


  2. Hi Horace, just getting going after breakfast, I’m not very fast on my feet these days, so your lovely photos are really important to me, Thank You 😊. I can imagine wandering around these lovely places, but I’m no good at climbing trees, so I let you do that and just watch your happy little face.😘. Talk again soon , Take care and Keep enjoying your travels, I do Xx 😘 😘


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