Ashton Hill Woods

It is always good to explore new places. Ashton Hill Woods are actually fairly near to our home but we haven’t visited before.

Off down the path we went through the woods.

We stopped and climbed up onto a wall to see the view

It was very exciting to reach the Big Tree Grove.

The big trees are Californian Redwoods and were planted over 150 years ago.

Selfie time!

We stopped and ate the cherries that we had brought along for refreshments.

At times there were two strange bears walking just in front of us!

Nye is very small so it is necessary to keep a close eye on him in the bracken in case he disappears….

We decided to search for fungi…..

Found a lonely very tall mushroom!

At the edge of the woods there was a gap in the wall….

On climbing over we found some very well manicured grass and hills to roly poly down.


We were having great fun but the humans called and told us we were on a posh golf course!

Back in the woods I climbed up a tree. Nye needed a paw to get up too.

He made it in the end!

We enjoyed exploring Ashton Hill Woods; a peaceful place.

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1 thought on “Ashton Hill Woods

  1. Hi Horace and Nye, Thank you both for showing me these lovely photos., and writing little comments too.👍 Sounds like a lovely day out. You will both be careful climbing those very tall trees, as well as tracking through all the undergrowth. I don’t want either of you to get hurt. Cherries for refreshments ,Wow, you thought of everything. What bits did you like best? I thought the views were lovely , and the lovely big trees, and you two doing Roly Polys., Oh! everything. What a bunch of miseries at the golf club!!! 😡 Two lovely little bears like you and Nye wouldn’t do any harm to their grass!! 🙄. I hope you had a lovely long sleep when you got home after such an exciting day. I’ve been trying to choose my favourite photo of you two in these woods, but I like them all so much !,
    Where to next then ? I was brought up just over the border in Wales but I’ve not visited Ashton Hill woods . You are two very lucky bears 🌟 🌟 Now Take care, Keep safe, Love you to bits 🤗. 🤗 Xx Xx


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