A bit of Italy in Wales; Portmeirion

Had the weather been warmer we could have thought that the humans had brought us to Italy; but we were in North Wales in Portmeirion

Off we went down the path to explore.

We climbed up on a balcony to get a better view of the chap on the other side who was reading something….

We liked this little tower; the humans referred to it as a folly.

As we went down the hill we noticed an enormous chess set. Nye thought the pieces were probably bigger than me.

A closer look was necessary….

The knight was definitely bigger than me.

We posed for a selfie with the King.

After this photo was taken the wind blew us backwards and we tumbled into the lap of a human sitting on a bench the other side. I think she was a tad surprised.

Further down the hill we looked back up at the houses and noticed a man leaning over a balcony. He was very still so we think he was a statue. Can you see him in this photo?

We squeezed through the railings to have a peek at the hotel swimming pool.

On the quayside we found a boat moored.

We thought about sailing it away then discovered that it was built into the wall!

We went through a tunnel to continue along the quayside.

After a short walk we arrived at the lighthouse, but it doesn’t actually work as a lighthouse. The humans said it was another folly.

We climbed up into a very big tree at the start of the Woodland walk.

Our little legs got quite tired climbing up to the old castle.

I had a rest to look at when we reached a pergola. Nye wouldn’t climb up as was bothered that the wind might blow him off the edge!

There wasn’t much left of the old castle….

Back down in the woods we found a large teddy bear sculpture carved from a tree trunk.

We sat for a little while in the dog cemetery. Lots of dogs were buried there. Several were named ‘Roger’.

Tree ferns always make me think of dinosaurs…

To rest our legs after so much exploring we sat on the beach. The tide was coming in though so it was time to find some refreshments.

Warm welsh cakes fresh off the griddle. Yum yum yum.

Many of the buildings in Portmeirion are holiday cottages. It would be an unusual place to have a holiday.

For more information see: https://portmeirion.wales

Horace the Alresford Bear 12/9/20

1 thought on “A bit of Italy in Wales; Portmeirion

  1. Thank you both for this account and photos. It’s a very long time ago since I was at Portmeirion. It was our Sunday School trip when I was ten, a special treat after I had been very ill, I had to sit down a lot, so I didn’t manage to see as much as you and Nye. Keep enjoying Wales, Thank You both so much for sharing your adventures. Enjoy yourselves, but Keep Safe Xx 😘. Xx 😘 Lots of ❤️ ❤️ Cindy

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