Powis Castle

It was a wonderful surprise when we arrived at Powis Castle today as we had no idea where the humans were taking us.

There is a wonderful view of the Welsh hills from the terrace.

We sat on the rather strange cannon that was shaped like a dragon.

We were surprised to find palms in the garden. Our human said the microclimate must be quite mild there.

Happiness is making memories. We certainly made good memories at Powis.

We stopped for a while to rest our legs sitting in a peaceful place.

There are lots of terraces in the hillside brimming with flowers.

Selfie time…

I think this is probably the only way we will ever get to pose with a peacock.

There are giant ladybirds all around Powis at the moment for children to find and count their spots.

The box hedges were very tall and quite wibbly wobbly.

Nye spotted a yellow giant ladybird.

There are numerous places at Powis for tired bests to rest their legs and just sit and watch the world go by…

Lots of apple trees too!

We wondered about having a paddle in the fountain but couldn’t as left our wellies at home.

Here we are with two rather splendid Welsh dragons behind us…

On the woodland walkI found a black giant ladybird with red spots. I have never seen a small one like that!

We left the insects in peace in their insect hotel…

There is a rather splendid view of the castle through the trees from the woodland path.

The sign says ‘Happiness is g8n8ng a tree a hug’….

So we hugged a tree. We are happy bears!

A giant foot but no sign of any giants….

We said ‘Hello’ to one of the peacocks that live in the grounds before walking back up to the café.

Welsh Barabryth. Yum yum yum

Do visit Powis Castle if you get the chance. We enjoyed every minute; a wonderful place for bears and humans too.

For more information see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/powis-castle-and-garden

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