Erddig (including The Wolf’s Den)

Erddig has a very big house but we were there to just explore the gardens.

The clock was telling the wrong time.

We set off together up the path to explore

This is a good tree for photoshoots.

We were quite surprised to find bananas growing in Wales.

The discovery of deckchairs is always a good excuse to warm the fur in late summer sunshine.

On entering the wolf’s den we posed next to the howling wolf.

We tried to walk across the log but kept falling off so had to shuffle across on our tummies.

I had a go at swinging along but I am not a monkey so didn’t get far.

Nye managed to get right to the top of the bear pole.

We startled the humans when we popped up here!

It is best to let sleeping wolves lie.

This little thatched house is just perfect for bears. Unfortunately it was roped off so we couldn’t go inside.

After exploring the Wolf’s Den we were very hungry and were relieved that the cafe was still open and serving. Cream tea yum yum yum….

We hope to return to Erddig oneday when the house is open.

For more information see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 19/9/2020

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