Woodchester Park

We started off our adventure at Woodchester following the ‘play trail’.

We had some fun on the stepping stones. I nearly got stuck…

We found a ready made bivouac to sit in for a little while and watch the birds.

Unfortunately the glockenspiel was too large for us to play.

I won the race to the top of the log frame.

After leaving the ‘Play trail’ we followed the pink arrows through a field of friendly sheep.

The café wasn’t open so we brought our own packed lunch.

Sometimes a little nap is necessary after lunch.

After a walk we arrived at one of the lakes. There are five lakes altogether at Woodchester.

Here we are posing for a selfie at the lake that has a boathouse.

The boathouse looked like it could make a great little house for bears.

There was a boat that wasn’t really going anywhere next to the boathouse.

Further on we found some splendid orange fungi.

Our legs got a tad tired going up these steps.

We finally reached Woodchester Mansion. It was meant to become one of the finest gothic revival private homes but it didn’t get finished.

We had a last look at the sheep before we headed home.

Woodchester is well worth a visit for a walk around the grounds. The Mansion is managed by a local trust and was closed when we visited. We think it would be interesting to see inside another time.

For more information see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/woodchester-park

Horace the Alresford Bear 28/9/20

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