Nye’s Brownie Box Camera

Nye has acquired a camera which is like the sort we used when we were young bears. A Brownie Box Camera.

The humans took us to Dyrham Park and Nye brought his camera along too.

Nye thinks that I am quite photogenic so decided to use me as a model. 

His first attempts didn’t come out very well. Here is one….

He did have success after a while though…..

I posed on a bench carved from an old tree…

Here is the result:

We walked on looking for suitable photoshoot locations. Nye started getting more adventurous and photographed me up in a tree…

Here is the result. I think I look better in colour but the Brownie Box camera only takes black and white photographs.

Anyway we had a lovely afternoon and chatted away as we walked around Dyrham parkland.

Before heading for home we got our human to take a photo of us both with the Brownie Box Camera…

I think modern cameras take much better photographs but we vintage bears rather like old things!

Horace the Alresford Bear 12/4/2021

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